Signs of Innovation and Cooperation

VBIT member, Colleen Carey was visiting Tofino, BC last April and noticed their pedestrian crossings had whales painted into the design. She thought this could be a simple, effective & inexpensive way to incorporate Vulcan’s brand of Star Trek & Technology. Incorporating the Star Trek emblem on our cross walks would increase curb appeal while enhancing our famous star trek connection. There’s more!

Vulcan & County Come to Life Through Digital Storytelling

Bev Knutson-Shaw just loves stories, but then again who doesn’t? Through the art of digital storytelling (DST) she has had the privilege of helping many people and organizations share theirs.

“While I was going to grad school I read something about DST, a form of digital media production that combines narrative, pictures, videos, animations and music to tell a personal story, “ says Bev. “As a teacher, I thought this might be a really great tool to use in the classroom and so I started looking into how I might learn how to facilitate DST. “
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vTV’s Audience and Future Programming

With the launch of Vulcan Television Network on Sept. 26th, the community of Vulcan has moved onto the worldwide stage as a leader in digital technology. vTV is the world’s first online television network and already attracting attention from a diverse audience of viewers and content providers.

Available analytics provide a snapshot of our viewer and our potential. Already, the vTV viewing audience has extended to the USA, UK, Germany, Australia and many European countries. A majority of viewers are 18 to 34 and 55% are male. The average time per viewing session is over 4 minutes…an incredibly long time in this age of online surfing.
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#1 Technology Trend at Consumer Electronics Show 2015


By Patrick O’Rourke

Smartwatches are the new ‘it’ device…almost every major manufacturer revealed some sort of fancy new smartwatch-like device. LG’s WebOS-based watch, scheduled for an early 2016 release, is interestingly built on Palm’s webOS platform rather than the more popular smartwatch operating system, Android Wear.

Other notable smartwatches include a watch from LG Audi that has the ability to control Audi cars, including the ability to start the vehicle, drive it a short distance and tweak climate control settings, as well as open and lock doors.
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