Farm Tech

VBIT’s Andre Lacoursiere was in attendance at Canada’s premier crop production and farm management conference, FarmTech, in Edmonton earlier this year. Agriculture is one of the five technology pillars that make up the foundation of VBIT’s directive…to make Vulcan the most technologically advanced rural community in Canada.

Simulation Lab

The Vulcan Hospital Recruitment and Retention committee have a vision; plan and build an Inter-professional Training Centre based in Vulcan but utilized by our county, the region, the province, the country and just possibly the world.

Bev Knutson-Shaw is spearheading the initiative and has seen real interest by everyone who learns about the project.  Wait! There’s More!

Vulcan Solar Park

The Town of Vulcan will begin construction in early 2015 of a Solar Park; based on the concepts of energy efficiency, aesthetics & energy production – the first of its kind in Canada. Initial funding is provided by Alberta Energy Innovation Fund and is located on long term leased lands at 202, 214 and 306 – 1st Ave South.

Kyle Greene, Project Manager for the Solar Park, states that the location was picked because of its visibility from down town and the highway. The solar trees will be constructed over a 6 to 8 week period and then assembled on-site, with some of the LED lite park structures reaching as high as 5.5 meters (18 feet). The Solar Park will generate a minimum of 15 kilowatts.

An educational aspect was integrated into the project by way of a contest through Lethbridge College and County Central High School. Students who submitted the best designs for a solar tree were awarded iPads on Dec 18, 2014 at CCHS.

In support of the program, Lethbridge College will also offer a ‘no charge’ 60 hour welding class. The program will use learned skills to assist in the fabrication of structures to hold solar panels for the Solar Park.

For information regarding the Solar Park go to and click on ‘contact us’.

CIP Grant Acceptance

The VBIT Team received a Community Initiatives Grant to assist in accomplishing goals set out in the Vulcan Brand Plan; to secure graphic design expertise, develop advertising and promotional literature, assist with social media and provide expertise to downtown retailers.

(LtoR back) Ian Donovan MLA Little Bow, Tom Grant Mayor Vulcan, Ken Zimmer (front) Leslie Warren, Sandra Locken, Heather Klimchuk Minister of Human Services, Sandra Scott, Devan Daniels