Leonard Nimoy

“A life is like a garden,” Leonard Nimoy wrote in his final tweet February 22, 2015 “Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP.”

Leonard Nimoy’s passing on February 27, 2015 will leave a deep void in the small town of Vulcan, but his enduring cultural legacy will live on for generations to come. Best known for his role as Spock, Nimoy was also honoured for his directorial skills (he directed Three Men & a Baby), photography, and philanthropy. The community of Vulcan was fortunate enough to have been on the receiving end of Mr. Nimoy’s philanthropy when he called the Calgary Herald March 19, 2009 after reading Eric Volmers article about our failed bid to land the world premiere of J.J. Abram’s 2009 Star Trek reboot. Without his agents, or Paramount’s knowledge, he reached out to our community to lend his support, which culminated with his much lauded visit to Vulcan.

In 2013, he again lent his support to Vulcan, through his backing of the Vulcan Brand Innovation Team and the Branding Plan. We are honored that he endorsed our endeavors, encouraging us to create a community where all could “Live long and prosper.”

Thank you Mr. Nimoy – for sharing some of your perfect moments with us.

The VBIT Team

vTV Network

Giving Back to the Community

Vulcan has an unparalleled opportunity. By leveraging the power of a world class digital infrastructure and a digital platform that will serve as an online Community Television Network, the town and county of Vulcan can build a community culture that fosters local commerce and opens the door to world markets, service the need for better communication, provide a foundation for best-in-class online education, and present local news, culture and entertainment for all.

There’s more!

Axia Broadband – Update

VBDS and VBIT were instrumental in bringing Axia Netmedia to our town and today the company is busy installing the fibre needed to help make us ‘the most technologically advanced rural community in Canada’. Robust internet connectivity is critical for enabling new and innovative ways for companies to run their businesses…and to attract new development as well.

“Axia is currently fibre connecting homes and businesses in Vulcan, radically changing your community’s internet experience. Talk to your neighbours to find out what they are using their lightning fast internet for.

For your speed-of-light connection to everything the world of internet has to offer, go to www.axia.com and order today. ” AXIA NETMEDIA

For information contact: Sarah Vaudry 402.681.8631 sarah.vaudry@axia.com


One of VBIT’s primary roles is to facilitate the introduction of technology to our community, and following a meeting at a Calgary based ‘technology meets creative event entitled Beakerhead’ VBIT brought EZ-Robot to the attention of Palliser Schools.

CCHS Principal Tracy Inaba instantly recognized a real learning advantage.
“EZ-Robot encourages students to apply their literacy, mathematics, science, problem solving, and creative thinking skills in engaging and innovative ways that coincide with the new Ministerial Order on Student Learning. Robotics is something that is going to become more and more prevalent in our society and providing our students the opportunity to learn with these easy-to-use tools provides them an edge in this area. I am excited to see all the amazing things that our students will be able to do with these intuitive and innovative robots.”

Tracy Inaba, Principal CCHS, Vulcan

For more information contact:
Ken Zimmer k.zimmer@rrai.com