About VBIT

Vulcan Brand Innovation Team – VBIT

The Vulcan Brand Innovation Team (VBIT) is a volunteer group of community residents working toward a revitalized town and county. Our goal is to reposition Vulcan as ‘the most technologically advanced rural community in Canada.’ In this way we can attract new technology, business and investment, offer existing businesses a viable future and bring skilled, technically advanced employment to our community. We do this because we believe in Vulcan and its future. It is our goal to position Vulcan as an incubator, a test bed for the development of practical technology appropriate for small towns. Out of Vulcan will emerge the template for rural economic development that will be replicated in progressive communities around the world. It is VBIT’s dream to bring an exhibition centre to town; to showcase technology and our community. The five pillars of innovation in technology; home, health, education, agriculture and the environment will be featured in showrooms, classrooms, exhibits and meeting rooms. Hotels will anchor the centre and provide conference space to tech related businesses. All of Vulcan and county will benefit. This is our vision.