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Vulcan & County Come to Life Through Digital Storytelling

Bev Knutson-Shaw just loves stories, but then again who doesn’t? Through the art of digital storytelling (DST) she has had the privilege of helping many people and organizations share theirs.

“While I was going to grad school I read something about DST, a form of digital media production that combines narrative, pictures, videos, animations and music to tell a personal story, “ says Bev. “As a teacher, I thought this might be a really great tool to use in the classroom and so I started looking into how I might learn how to facilitate DST. “
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vTV’s Audience and Future Programming

With the launch of Vulcan Television Network on Sept. 26th, the community of Vulcan has moved onto the worldwide stage as a leader in digital technology. vTV is the world’s first online television network and already attracting attention from a diverse audience of viewers and content providers.

Available analytics provide a snapshot of our viewer and our potential. Already, the vTV viewing audience has extended to the USA, UK, Germany, Australia and many European countries. A majority of viewers are 18 to 34 and 55% are male. The average time per viewing session is over 4 minutes…an incredibly long time in this age of online surfing.
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