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#1 Technology Trend at Consumer Electronics Show 2015


By Patrick O’Rourke

Smartwatches are the new ‘it’ device…almost every major manufacturer revealed some sort of fancy new smartwatch-like device. LG’s WebOS-based watch, scheduled for an early 2016 release, is interestingly built on Palm’s webOS platform rather than the more popular smartwatch operating system, Android Wear.

Other notable smartwatches include a watch from LG Audi that has the ability to control Audi cars, including the ability to start the vehicle, drive it a short distance and tweak climate control settings, as well as open and lock doors.
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Axia Broadband – Update

VBDS and VBIT were instrumental in bringing Axia Netmedia to our town and today the company is busy installing the fibre needed to help make us ‘the most technologically advanced rural community in Canada’. Robust internet connectivity is critical for enabling new and innovative ways for companies to run their businesses…and to attract new development as well.

“Axia is currently fibre connecting homes and businesses in Vulcan, radically changing your community’s internet experience. Talk to your neighbours to find out what they are using their lightning fast internet for.

For your speed-of-light connection to everything the world of internet has to offer, go to and order today. ” AXIA NETMEDIA

For information contact: Sarah Vaudry 402.681.8631