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vTV’s Audience and Future Programming

With the launch of Vulcan Television Network on Sept. 26th, the community of Vulcan has moved onto the worldwide stage as a leader in digital technology. vTV is the world’s first online television network and already attracting attention from a diverse audience of viewers and content providers.

Available analytics provide a snapshot of our viewer and our potential. Already, the vTV viewing audience has extended to the USA, UK, Germany, Australia and many European countries. A majority of viewers are 18 to 34 and 55% are male. The average time per viewing session is over 4 minutes…an incredibly long time in this age of online surfing.
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Sprung Industries

When driving to Calgary via Hwy 2 it’s difficult to ignore the massive tent-like structure located just past the 409 overpass to High River. Sprung Industries began manufacturing canvas products in 1887 and today their tech driven, eco-friendly structures can be found in hundreds of different applications for some of the world’s leading industries and organizations.

Members of VBIT toured Sprung Industries with President Philip Sprung in December as part of their due diligence in sourcing the best possible structure for Vulcan’s vision of a Discovery Centre. VBIT’s Development Committee have been tasked to match the needs of the community, such as a hotel, cultural and recreational facilities, incubation and convention space, and more, with a building that reflects our communities tech image, needs and budget.