Vulcan & County Come to Life Through Digital Storytelling

Bev Knutson-Shaw just loves stories, but then again who doesn’t? Through the art of digital storytelling (DST) she has had the privilege of helping many people and organizations share theirs.

“While I was going to grad school I read something about DST, a form of digital media production that combines narrative, pictures, videos, animations and music to tell a personal story, “ says Bev. “As a teacher, I thought this might be a really great tool to use in the classroom and so I started looking into how I might learn how to facilitate DST. “

The long and short of this story is that through internet searching Bev found the Center for Digital Storytelling in Berkeley California, the creators of this medium, provided training workshops. At the same time as she was looking into DST training, Leslie Warren, then the EDO of Vulcan Business Development Society (VBDS), was in the process of introducing the Vulcan County History Blog. The VBDS board agreed to fund Bev’s training and in return she would facilitate the creation of digital stories that could be uploaded to the history blog.

In the beginning the idea was to teach others how to create their own digital stories. Since then it has taken on a life of its own – while Bev still teaches DST workshops, she has also been helping organizations such as Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation and Rainbow Literacy Society to tell their stories.
“I had no idea what a rewarding yet humbling experience this work was going to be,” says Bev, “And through the process of helping others tell their story I get to spend time with some very amazing people who share their lives with me.” While some of the stories are big, and some are simply about the daily living, they all shed light on what makes the community of Vulcan unique. As Bev says, “When you listen deeply to these stories, you begin to see the character of the people and the values they bring here. I can’t begin to tell you what gratitude I feel to have people share these moments. “

You can find these stories, and more on and